Financial Services

Now more than ever it is important that our clients have effective plans that map out their financial future for all areas of their wealth and asset portfolio. The important aspects of wealth creation and wealth distribution are built into our financial planning services to clients to meet their individual needs and goals.

A critical component to our approach in financial planning is developing plans that fit within our client’s lifestyle. Each of our clients receive personal attention from one of our lifestyle planners that opens access to an experienced team of portfolio managers, stock brokers and attorneys. This service area covers all the essentials of financial planning to provide a comprehensive plan to secure and grow wealth.

  • Asset Portfolio Management: Having a diversified asset portfolio helps reduce the risk inherent in economic swings and stock market fluctuations. We help design and manage our client’s asset portfolio in line with their risk tolerance while maximizing their overall return and minimizing their risk exposure.

  • Risk Management: Having appropriate insurance coverage is essential to reduce the burden of an unfortunate accident. We determine the right insurance coverage for our clients from property insurance (real estate and personal property) to personal life insurance.

  • Estate Planning: Distribution of wealth is an important. Our goal is to help develop an estate plan that transfers wealth in a variety of different economic environments while minizing the tax impact on heirs and beneficiaries.

  • Foundation Services: Many of our clients pursue philanthropic interests through non-profit organizations and foundations. We establish 501C-3 tax exempt organizations, charities and foundations for our clients to carry out their wishes to further humanitarian interests and support community involvement.

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