Corporate Services

Small to medium size businesses deserve the expertise and financial accuracy of any Fortune 500 company. MindLab offers accounting and financial analysis that will help businesses grow and take advantage of all the benefits afforded to major corporations.
Our offering includes:

Financial Accounting:
Management, monitoring and reporting of the transactions that represent financial events through the course of conducting business. We serve as the accounting function of the business to capture all transactions in an accurate manner.

Business & Financial Analysis:
Insight into the meaning behind the financial results is critical to help executives make sound decisions to enhance the financial performance of the company. We give our client’s insight into the trends and profit opportunities to strengthen the financial health of the company. In addition, we give prepare budgets and financial projections to set realistic targets to guide operations.

Establishing & Securing Corporate Credit:
A company’s credit rating opens a lot of doors to leveraging investment capital from banks and other financial institutions. We help companies establish and build a solid credit profile to secure debt financing to fund future growth.

Corporate Tax Planning & Preparation:
Almost every transaction a company engages in has a tax effect. We advise our corporate clients as to the implications of certain transactions and develop strategies to minimize taxes.

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