Business Management

At MindLab our thoughts on business management are to relieve the burden of daily financial events from our client’s lives. Our clients enjoy a broad range of service options to enhance their overall financial security while developing creative strategies to maximize their wealth potential and financial future.

Our portfolio is complementary and includes the following services:

Income Monitoring:
Most of our clients have a variety of sources of income (e.g., royalties, interest, licensing or endorsements). They use our income monitoring service to ensure that their income is being calculated and distributed accurately and appropriately.

Cash Management & Analysis:
Expense management is a key concern for our clients in order to maximize wealth creation. We establish systems for bill payment and review, establish lines of credit and advise on financing decisions in order to control cash flow.

Real Estate:
MindLab works with a network of highly qualified real estate agents and loan underwriters to facilitate our clients real estate needs from finding desired real estate locations to arranging financing.

Acquisition & Disposal of Major Assets:
Purchasing and selling major assets from either land or automobiles can be a time consuming process. We provide assistance in facilitating the addition or sale of large assets to ensure our client’s best interests are protecting and minimize the tax implications.

Personal Services:
Our clients lead lives inundated with constant activity that does not leave much time for tending to the little details. We provide personal services as apart of our business management to execute on the little details such as travel and hotel arrangements, events, and entertainment.

Sports & Entertainment Services:

Athletes & Entertainers have distinct financial and business management needs. MindLab’s sports & entertainment division has solutions specifically catered to service the needs of high-profile individuals including the management of:
  • Loan-out Corprations
  • Special payroll needs
  • Unique tax planning
  • Proactive Expense Management
  • Tour Budgeting
  • Royalty Accounting
  • Production Accounting
MindLab gives sports and entertainment figures the ease and comfort of knowing their financial matters are well attended to and closely monitored to give them the time freedom and flexibility to focus on their profession.

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