Business Development
Many entrepreneurs have viable, attractive business concepts and opportunities yet lack the ability to present their ideas in a format that is clear, comprehensive and compelling to potential investors or lending institutions. MindLab provides services to enable entrepreneurs to develop and refine their business ideas to obtain investment capital.
MindLab specializes in:

Business Plans:
We develop business plans from the drafting stage to the final completed document complete with financial projections and summary presentation.

Industry & Market Research:
We gather industry and market research that helps our clients understand the competitive environment, customer needs and market niches that exist in the particular industry. This information helps them identify unexplored opportunities or underserved market segments

Strategic Planning and Business Consulting:
Most companies that find themselves in a stagnant state require a shift in strategic focus. Conversely start-up companies often require development of a strategic focus to help them refine their operations and better serve their customers. We provide in-depth strategic planning and consulting to advise companies no matter what developmental stage they are in. Our strategic plans cover everything to improving operational efficiency to impactful marketing plans.

Business Valuation:
Whether acquiring an existing business or gauging the current value of your business, a valuation places a tangible value on the inherent potential of a business. A business valuation allows our clients to understand how much their company is worth. We use a variety of valuation techniques ranging from discounted cash flows to market multiples to determine the value of our client’s acquisition targets or existing businesses.

Business Entity Formation:
Choosing the correct business entity is very important in today’s business environment. We fully assess our clients current and future needs to help them determine what is the best business entity to form. Rather it is a Corporation, S-Corporation or LLC, we will file all necessary documentation to bring your company into existence.

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